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WK1 Exploration: Start A Blog & Tell A Story

Before I started Full Sail, I was a WPUNJ Media Production grad and was freelancing working with up-and-coming local musicians. I had always thought that I wanted to work within the music industry, and originally went to school for it. But then I realized that the Music Business program at the first college I attended was not at all what they made it out to be. Because of that I transferred to WPUNJ and enrolled at a print journalism major, but quickly realized that the want and need to be in the music industry was bigger than my interest of journalism. Because of that I joined their award-winning student run college radio station, Brave New Radio, taking on roles of On-Air Talent and Local Music Director. Because of that I also switched my major to Media Production and started working very closely with NJ artists. Until finally I graduated and worked the entirety of the 2018 Vans Warped Tour as a Tent and Merchandise manager for one of the smaller sponsors, along with also working one off gigs and small tours. And ever since I decided to pursue my passion for the live music industry and touring by enrolling at Full Sail University as a Music Business major and teaching myself how to take professional concert photos.

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